Evaluate Our Alpha Release: Membio’s Marketing Tools Powered by Connected Data

To create a member-centric experience, you need all your data to work for you. Membio unifies the data sets from your member management system and multiple listing service, so you can focus on your members, not massaging spreadsheets or begging IT for an export.

Membio creates a golden record for each of your members that combines production data from the MLS and professional data from your association/member management system. This means that you can segment and target your members based on who they are and what they do, using dozens of data points from the last transaction they conducted to whether they’re up to date on their continuing education.

If you’ve ever wondered if members who pay their bills on time sell more houses, or if top producers can be persuaded to participate in leadership, Membio can tell you all that and more.

Intrigued? Talk to us about our Alpha Release. We’re looking for customers who want to leverage all their data to engage their members.

  • Analyze members based on MLS production or association activity
  • Gain deep, data-driven insights about every member
  • Leverage insights to improve engagement throughout your organization
  • Enrich member profiles with dozens of attributes from multiple datasets
  • Add, change, or remove member profile attributes without downtime
  • Drive your digital engagement roadmap with connected member data
  • Dynamically segment members in real-time
  • Send email and SMS campaigns via Membio’s marketing automation
  • Deliver data-driven hyper-personalized member experiences

Connected Data to Run Your Organization

For most real estate associations and multiple listing services, it’s nearly impossible to unite member data with listing data beyond the basics. Sure, you can tell who paid their bill, but can you easily find out which top producers contributed to RPAC and sold 15 houses last month at a median price of $1.5 million?

In organized real estate, it’s hard to connect data from your member management system (let’s say Rapattoni Magic) to your listing data (like MLS Grid) because the APIs are so specialized that outside the industry solutions just don’t work.

That’s where Membio comes in.

We connect your data and make it actionable. Our proprietary data ingestion and matching engine, combined with our API enable you to automatically extract real-time insights you can use to run your business and engage your members with no technical expertise necessary. Forget spreadsheets and CSV files. Membio makes all your data accessible in a logical, easy to use console.

What is API integration?

An API integration is a connection between multiple applications that enables them to exchange data with each other or with a separate database. API integrations enable you to share data in real-time and extract insights from two or more datasets at the same time.

All you need is an application to access the united data. Enter Membio.

The Membio database and application accepts APIs from all major member management systems and RESO-standard MLS platforms, then unites the data a beautiful console so you can use it.

Connected Data as a Service

Membio’s application makes your data instantly useful, with no technical expertise required. We provide your unified data as an on-demand service, so you can run your MLS and association and delight your members based on data-driven real-time insights.

Membio stores your data, then validates and logs it, and protects it with bank-grade security. It’s then ingested into Membio, where the magic happens. We sync your data every 15 minutes. But it’s always YOUR data.

One Platform, Multiple Applications

Membio’s data platform powers our clients’ enterprise websites, property search portals, and forthcoming marketing tools. It’s highly scalable, secure, and designed for 99.95 percent uptime.

Why Membio?

Membio was born because we realized that our clients were swimming in data that they couldn’t use to run their businesses. It was just too hard and much too technical to connect multiple datasets. Most of our clients couldn’t do it because they lacked the technical expertise or resources.

We also thought it was unacceptable for third parties to extract massive value from our clients’ data, while leaving our clients out in the cold.

That’s why we built Membio. We want to help our clients build a golden record for each of their members and their business to empower them to profit from their own data.

You Can Help

We’re actively looking for client partners who want to help us define the future of data in organized real estate. If you would like to participate in our alpha, contribute your data, and find out how Membio’s engagement platform can work for you, please get in touch today.